Welcome to the world of Tailor’s Grooming,
where we embrace the essence of masculinity and sophistication.

In our men’s trend collections,
we present the finest grooming and haircare trends
that will empower men to express
their individuality with style and confidence.

From classic to contemporary, our collections showcases the evolution
of men’s grooming, blending timeless elegance with modern twists.

Prepare to be inspired by our meticulously crafted trends that will revolutionize your grooming routine and enhance your overall appearance.

Step into the monochromatic world of Tailor’s Grooming,

where black and white imagery converges
with diverse men and their unique styles.
Against a backdrop of raw concrete walls,
we bring you a trend collection
that explores the interplay of light and shadow.

With a focus on masculinity and individuality, these pure and masculine images celebrate the art of grooming. .

Join us as we introduce you to five distinct manly types,
each adorned in black basic attire, exuding confidence and style.


The Flexible Elegance is an elegant and sophisticated long(er) hairstyle with a natural finish and flexible hold. It exudes refinement and versatility, allowing for various styling options. The hair flows gracefully, adding a touch of fluidity and movement. Combined with a well-groomed 2-Day beard, this look strikes a perfect balance between suave and rugged, making it ideal for the modern man who values sophistication with a hint of nonchalance.


The Golden Man Curls is a long natural curly hairstyle, in this case with blonde hair, complemented by a 2-Day beard. This style celebrates the beauty of luscious, natural curls and radiates a carefree and bohemian vibe. The blonde curls cascade with movement and vitality, reflecting an effortless and relaxed charm. Paired with a well-groomed 2-Day beard, the Golden Man Curls exude a rugged yet refined masculinity, perfect for the man who embraces his natural allure.


The Sharp Fade is an (ultra-) short hairdo with a skin-fade side part, accompanied by a full and straight-shaved beard. This bold and striking style embraces precision and clean lines. The contrast between the close-cropped hair and the full beard creates a powerful and masculine statement. The Sharp Fade exudes confidence and demands attention, making it perfect for the man who embraces a bold and edgy aesthetic.


The Curly Contour is a dynamic and textured hairstyle that balances short sides and bottom parts with a longer, soft natural curly upper side. The curly texture adds a touch of playfulness and character to the look, while the well-groomed relatively short beard enhances the overall appeal. This style exudes confidence and embraces the beauty of natural soft curls, giving it a contemporary and stylish edge.


The Refined Dandy is a somewhat classical hairstyle, in this case tailored for a natural redhead. It features shorter neck and bottom lines, complemented by an old-fashioned straight mustache. This sophisticated look embraces the timeless elegance of the dandy aesthetic. With its attention to detail and refined styling, the Refined Dandy evokes a sense of charm and nostalgia, perfect for the modern gentleman with a touch of vintage flair.